Why the Country Needs Teachers to Speak Up

New York Times writer Charles Blow outlined in an Aug. 24th column how the U.S. is failing to support education, and the coming consequences for our country (click on the link here or on the “Be Informed” page on this site). Teachers need to speak up not just for themselves and their jobs, and not just for our children, but for the future of this nation. Teachers, as this new academic year begins let’s use our voices to let the public know what great teaching and learning look like and why children and the country need it to be much more robustly supported. Use this website to help you do so — thoughtfully and with support from your principal.

One Comment to “Why the Country Needs Teachers to Speak Up”

  1. mhollman says:

    I had missed this column, and I was glad to see it. Those numbers on the left, especially the ones a/b more taxes for public schools, were disappointing. Though not surprising. The drumbeats of doom and disorder have been throbbing for at least five years. Maybe it all began with Michelle Rhee’s work in DC and the Gates and Broad forays.
    The press has been devoting more space to education and policy issues, but it’s not always the coverage I would wish.

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