Readings & Communication on Teacher Voice

Issac Bailey, “Teachers Please Speak Up,” Myrtle Beach Online, Oct. 15, 2010. Reporter’s plea for teachers to join public discussion & why it’s safe to do so.

Terry Dozier, “Turning Good Teachers Into Great Leaders,” Educational Leadership, Sept. 2007. Survey shows teachers desire leadership training. Key leadership strategies outlined. In issue devoted to teacher leadership.

Erin Dukeshire, “Finding My ‘Teacher Voice,'” Impatient Optimists website post, by a middle school science teacher & Teach Plus fellow, Oct. 5, 2011.

Cathy Fleischer, Teachers Organizing for Change: Making Literacy Learning Everybody’s Business. NCTE, 2000. A classic, still fully relevant even if the issues have changed somewhat.

Jane Fung, “People Need to Hear From Teachers,” post on Teaching Ahead Roundtable (see below), July 20, 2012.

NBC teacher outlines his views on the importance of teacher advocacy at the NBC Stories from School blog.

Public Agenda website, “#EdFix Amplifying Teacher Voice on Education Reform.” Article explains how the Twitter chat called #EdFix helps teachers think through policy issues so they can speak up about them.

Regie Routman, Literacy at the Crossroads: Crucial Talk about Reading, Writing, and Other Teaching Dilemmas. Heinemann, 1996. Another important and still valuable classic reading.

Yvonne Siu-Runyan, former NCTE President, video on the importance of teachers telling our stories.

Teaching Ahead Roundtable, “The Value of Teacher Leadership Today — And Tomorrow,” Education Week – Teacher, July 17-18, 2012. Four teachers reflect on their wider role and their voice.

Teaching Ahead Roundtable, Followup Discussion, Education Week – Teacher, July 24, 2012. Seven teachers continue the discussion and their own leadership stories.

Jose Vilson, “Teacher Voice: How Not to Be a Bobble-Head Doll,” Education Week – Teacher blog post, July 17, 2012.

Steve Zemelman and Harry Ross, Webinar, “Finding Our Voice,” recorded 3/28/12, on NCTE website.

Steve Zemelman and Harry Ross, 13 Steps to Teacher Empowerment: Taking a More Active Role in Your School Community. Heinemann, 2009. Practical actions you can take to build support for your work.

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