Teachers Reach Out More Widely – Examples

SEE HOW OTHER EDUCATORS ARE SPEAKING UP. In addition to the list to the right, here are some blogs and websites by teachers on various issues. You may not agree with all the positions taken, but they show how educators can speak out.

Dan Brown – “What Makes a Great Teacher,” ABC Website Aug. 31, 2012. In an online article, an experienced teacher traces his progress from unprepared failure to later success with inner city kids.

Darla Bunting – Blog on school improvement

Caitlin Casement – The X Teachers — site for retired teachers to speak up thoughtfully — very much in sync with teachersspeakup.com

Anthony CodyStart of a Dialogue with the Gates Foundation. Presents Cody’s own arguments on building a strong teacher culture instead of firing teachers. But especially valuable in inviting teachers to the discussion -read the comments.

Ali Crowley – Forthright Lexington KY math teacher speaks to the Pritchard Committee, a statewide advocacy group, on her work, student assessment, public perception of teachers and the importance of teacher leadership roles. July, 2012.

Education Nation Interviews and panel with several teachers speaking thoughtfully and professionally about their work and the support they need.

Ilana Garon View from the Bronx: An Urban Teacher’s Perspective. Blog at the Education Week Teacher. website. A lively, detailed picture of a NY high school classroom, including how students detest standardized tests – they’re boring.

Larry Geni The Geni Project. A retired high school science teacher’s blog to share ideas among teachers — but it’s designed to be interactive and include many voices. Also, of course, it’s readily seen by the wider public.

James Lang Article in The Chronicle of Higher Education on Andrew Kaufman, an outstanding literary scholar who read Tolstoy with convicts – a great contribution to the community. But now we must bring such stories to the wider public.

Lillie MarshallPost on the power of blogging by a Boston teacher and Teach Plus Fellow.

Diane Ravitch’s Blog

Justin Reich’s blog post on Teacher Led PD — math teachers taking the initiative to improve teaching & learning & build professional community in the process.

Claudia Swisher’s blog, Fourth Generation Teacher — read her great Sept. 15th post about why teachers need to speak up about their work.

Jose VilsonThe Jose Vilson Blog

Alison WadeArt Avocado — A blog made lively by the artist who creates it.

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