Teachers Talk With Your Principal

Many teachers want to speak up about their work but worry about whether it might jeopardize their job. The answer: teachers talk with your principal. And don’t wait until there’s a crisis. Check in regularly, even if only briefly. Describe something cool you’re doing in your class. Find out about his or her professional interests and concerns. This can build a basis for trust, so that when you are ready to speak out more publicly, you’ll be supported. We realize that in some cases this may not be a possible solution, but it’s surprising just how often it makes a real difference. Community organizers call these talks “one-on-ones,” and they’re the most important strategy in an organizer’s toolkit. Visit our “Gain Support from the Principal” page on this website and learn more.

One Comment to “Teachers Talk With Your Principal”

  1. mrench says:

    I can’t agree more with this advice. As a veteran of 19 years and several principals, I found that I was able to address the hard issues with those administrators with whom I had a good working relationship. I make it a point to stop in from time to time to share what’s going on in my classroom or with my team, I forward emails that contain positive comments from parents about our school, and I show an interest in my administrators as people. Building these foundations goes a long way when I have a concern about an initiative or program.

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