What Rigorous New Tests Will Do to Children

OK, with the new year I think it’s time for some RED MEAT. You need to be angry enough about how public education is being changed that you will decide it’s time to speak up.

So here’s what teacher Anthony Cody has to say about what rigorous new tests will do to children. Do read it for yourself, but to whet your appetite let me summarize. He draws a parallel to the tradition of testing in China, which was originally designed long ago to make access to government positions more egalitarian. But it ultimately has led to graduates with high test scores but low levels of real knowledge and skills, since everyone puts their energy into preparing for the tests. And he further sees the new tests that will yield just a 30% pass rate as a way for the privileged to “prove” that many kids simply aren’t “college and career ready” so it’s their fault if they can’t get jobs.

Do you agree with Cody’s analysis? Or perhaps you see the Common Core as a way to insure that everyone gets at least some education, even if individual students’ and teachers’ talents, strengths, and interests are ignored? OK I’m baiting you. Any takers? And would you be willing to send your response, anonymously if you wish, to a local newspaper?


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