Great Video on Why Teachers Stay With the Job

Readers, please take a look at this powerful, great video on why teachers stay with the job, made by teacher Beth Shaum. Then visit her blog, Use Your Outside Voice.

And now, if you’re a teacher, ask yourself: wouldn’t it be wise to take just a few minutes each week — in spite of the intense, time-consuming work of teaching — to communicate like this in order to get YOUR outside voice out to the world so that more people understand and appreciate what you do?


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  1. Marilyn Hollman says:

    Wonderful work. Sarah, and the teachers who helped her, produce testimony to the pleasures of teaching, the wonder of students and the wonder and wondering of their teachers.

    I am very interested in the course she is finishing at EMU. I would like to know more about it. Not only what’s in it, but how it came about, about enrollment – that kind of stuff. It strikes me a course such as this offered in the summer for say two weeks, four days a week, might work well, attracting sufficient numbers and providing sustained time for teachers to talk, write, discuss, research. A mini-writers workshop w/a policy writing/speaking/production focus.

  2. szemelman says:

    Marilyn (and other interested readers)–
    The course is led by Cathy Fleischer. She’s campaigned for years to encourage teachers to view themselves as community organizers and to share their work with the wider community. She’s easily reached through the Eastern Michigan U. website (hope this doesn’t create a deluge of communication to Cathy — or perhaps that would be a good thing!). I had a great time meeting with her class via Skype.

  3. Cathy Fleischer says:

    I’m so glad Beth’s great work is getting out there! And I’m happy to field any questions about the course and the very cool work that all the students have done!

  4. Colette Bennett says:

    Posted this on my blog
    Add my outside voice!

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