Teachers and Others Tell Education Success Stories in TEDx Videos

Back on Sept. 28 in Chicago, we heard a group of teachers and others tell education success stories in TEDx videos now. As the organizer of this event, I’m excited to have you see and hear them. Just search TEDxwellsStreetED on Youtube — or visit our website, www.TEDxWellsStreetED.com .

  • Hear Chicago TV journalist Carol Marin tell about her own experiences with discrimination as a student and teacher that she compares to the second-class treatment of many urban schools now.
  • Hear great high school teachers like Adam Heenan, Elizabeth Robbins, Jean Klasovsky, and Matthew McCabe  tell about their work that empowers inner city students and could make a difference for many more.
  • Listen to teachers Heather Duncan-Whitt, Tai Basurto, Greg Fairbank, Marilyn Rhames, and Elijah Osorio, and principal LeAndra Khan describe policies and approaches that can enliven teaching, learning, and entire schools.
  • Attend to student Israel Munoz, parent Cecile Carroll, Chicago Alderman Ricardo Munoz , and VIVA founder Elizabeth Evans as they recount their activism working to make a difference in public schools.
  • And then let acclaimed story-teller Syd Lieberman explain the power of stories — through his own story examples — to build understanding and support for teachers’ work.

And finally, let us know what you think of these talks and how they can help you in your own teacher voice efforts. Post your comments here, or on the Youtube sites themselves.

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