Teacher Voice Amplified at NCTE

Just back from Natl. Council of Teachers of English conference, where we heard teacher voice amplified as many of us shared and brainstormed strategies to better inform the wider public about our work and what we do for kids. Writing Project leaders from many states offered ideas. 75 teachers listened to Sonia Nieto’s stories of courageous teachers, and then gathered around 9 different tables to discuss strategies for projecting our voice. If you were there, tell us in a comment what was discussed at your table!

The coolest idea I heard: at teachers’ gatherings, set up a story-corps-type booth where teachers can record accounts of powerful moments in their teaching. Then (with the speakers’ permission, of course) we can transcribe & share these more widely. Why didn’t I ever think of that?!

Finally, to keep you inspired, my TSU readers, here’s a recent post from a participant in the Teaching Ahead Roundtable, on advice to President Obama as he begins his 2nd term.

Now I look forward to the comments & stories to come from the many who where inspired to write as a result of our NCTE discussions in one of the strangest cities in America, Las Vegas.

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