School Principals and Teacher Voice

Can school principals and teacher voice live happily together? Read one smart administrator’s five reasons why teachers (and everyone in education) should blog regularly. Many thanks to Marilyn Hollman for calling my attention to this post.

OK, so we know that not every principal is this forward looking, but notice how many principals are contributors to the “Connected Principals” website where this message was posted. So find out whether yours is, and if you don’t already have your own blog, get ready to start, because we think you may be pleasantly surprised at the answer you get.

It’s interesting that the comments to the post turn into a debate on the advantages and evils of web communication. Of course like all good things, too much is never healthy. But at this point our concern is that the level is way too low for so many teachers.

Looking for models of how to do it? We’ve been looking into the state Teacher of the Year choices around the country, and — no surprise — most of them are bloggers.

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