NPR In Florida Is Highlighting Teacher Perspectives

It can be challenging to get teacher voices into the public eye and ear. So we were especially pleased to learn how NPR in Florida is highlighting teacher perspectives in a series of reports by Miami-Dade teacher and education analyst Jeremy Glazer. His latest piece describes how a fellow teacher, now retired, recalls discovering the desire of her struggling students to read real books instead of plowing through the shortened, cleaned-up stories in a textbook. As Glazer observes,

Whenever advocates call for measuring teacher value beyond the test, there is a response by testing proponents that this other stuff is too soft or too touchy-feely. They say it isn’t rigorous. It isn’t academic

. . . The experience Ms Roberts and her students had was an intensely academic experience; it was part of what good English teaching is. And while it may or may not have had any measurable influence on their subsequent test scores, such experiences must be a part of what we talk about when we talk about good teaching.

It’s so important for the public and policy-makers to hear this!


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