A Teacher Explains the Work of Creating Innovative HS Education

Tune into high school computer science teacher Alan Kostrick’s explanation of an interdisciplinary high school teacher team, in a webinar sponsored by the Alliance for Excellence in Education. Here’s a teacher describing in a simple and professional way how his team works and learns from one another to achieve innovative HS education. Teachers in communities everywhere can get discussions going like this. Community groups, businesses, newspapers, web-based news services are eager to hear from us. Kostrick makes his school look great, so there’s nothing to fear in speaking up.

And I finally realized how to put this in twenty-first century lingo: Teachers need a BRAND. The people who denigrate us have one — or several, perhaps. And what does it mean to have a brand? I don’t mean a hollow slogan. I mean we have concepts, ideas, language, and stories that enable people to see the value in our profession, what we do, and particularly what we do that’s good, that’s special, for their children.

Alan Kostrick tells his story. If you don’t want to listen to the entire webinar, just click on his name and hear what he has to say.

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