Asking Teachers to Tell the Public What Matters in School

Here’s our friend Janet Ilko asking teachers to tell the public what matters in school so that we can get beyond all the standardized testing. More and more teachers are wringing their hands about the irrelevancy of the tests and all the time consumed with prepping kids for them and giving them. But as Janet says, we’ve got to tell legislators and the public about what we’re doing that’s so much more important.

And Janet also linked us to another teacher’s post on the low esteem in which teachers are viewed these days. Same point, though: we had better explain ourselves better, because no one else is going to do it for us.

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One Comment to “Asking Teachers to Tell the Public What Matters in School”

  1. Linda says:

    Please share this new cover of Time where the queen of Rheeform is pushing the new mantra, Erase to the Top.

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